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This small, independent, local Sanctuary is based in Cromford, Derbyshire and was established well over forty years ago. During this time it has gained an excellent reputation for rescuing animals in need, which has included sheep, dogs, cats, an ex-battery hen and, of course, –horses, ponies and, last but not least, donkeys.

Bought more fly fringes to try to protect our animals' eyes but some beasts you just can't help ...............

Jimmy, the usually very laid back plodding pony, decided he wasn't having this on his head. We put a very fetching shade of purple fly fringe on him and walked away. Turned round to find it hanging from a tree branch! Repeated the process - same result. Third time lucky??? No - had to give up.

He'd obviously communicated is thoughts to Frankie the donkey. When we tried a lovely blue one on his head, he decided it was better as a necklace! Tried again - Frankie shook his head deliberately, and once again the fringe was a necklace.

Others loved them and are proudly wearing these.

Kath still having trouble with swollen knee, but healing slowly. Thanks to everyone who has enquired, sent cards and generally tried to cheer her up. Derek working very hard, of course, especially ensuring plenty of water and hay available in the fields.

Because of the very dry weather, the grass is not growing so already having to feed the animals hay - not good financially, but necessary for the creatures.  Also constantly topping their water up.